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4 Social Media Resolutions Worth Committing to in 2018

A new year means a new start for many products and strategies, so social media is no different.

In 2018, there are a number of of suggestions for strategy changes to keep ‘you ahead of the curve’.

1. Start actively 'social listening'

If you're not already doing this, 2018 is most definitely the year to get started.

Make sure you're keeping your eyes and ears open for what is being said about your brand on all social media platforms and other platforms, such as TripAdvisor and independent review sites like Yell etc. 

Using basic social monitoring tools you can get ahead of the curve when it comes to catching potential buyers and responding to complaints that haven't directly tagged your account handle. 

2. Make use of improved social analytics

As platforms develop and have already become much more powerful at providing insightful analytics - Facebook Insights is a great example - you can really start to personalise your messaging. 

This is true of Facebook with it's abilities to limit your audience to a 'better suited' one that will more likely be interested in your content.

It's expected that content marketing efforts will be buoyed by upcoming changes in social analytics, allowing for your personalisaton efforts to cross platforms to your social media accounts.

We're expecting to further update you on this new skill in the first few months of 2018. 

3. Be more selective with platform choice

If you aren't using it often, struggling to attract an audience and engage with them - maybe it's time to give it up.

There's no reason why you can't have a profile for every platform (at least to ensure your username is taken and can't be used by others), but there's no need to put time and effort into a platform if it ain't working!

4. Live streaming is going to be HUGE!

On the flip side to this, it is definitely time to venture into "new" platforms. We're all pretty comfortable with Twitter and Facebook, but have you tried Facebook Live? Have you set up a profile and started actively using Instagram?

2018 is the year for live streaming - Instagram Stories and Facebook Live are both going to be huge. 

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