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5 Reasons We Love the HubSpot CRM

The fact that I am even writing this blog is astounding. Honestly, four years ago, I didn’t even know what a CRM was, never mind having the insight and experience to recommend one!

For those of you who aren’t au fait with what a CRM is and how it assists with the growth of your business, let me first explain in simple terms.

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, a system that helps you organise, track and monitor your company, contact and sales data, all in one place, assisting you to develop and grow a sales process and pipeline.

My progression into business development or sales (let's call a spade a spade!) has been well documented and a journey that has not been easy

An introduction to the HubSpot CRM amongst others, was one of the standout, eureka moments along that journey, and for that reason, it’s only right that I declare my love and spread the joy!

So here goes, five easy to understand reasons why any budding or experienced sales person should consider beginning a relationship with HubSpot’s CRM:

1. It’s FREE!

"Wow”, I here you say, “I wasn’t expecting that!” Yep free and not only for a limited time – for life. You can sign up and access the basic version today, completely free with no obligation. So if you are using a CRM and it’s costing a canny packet, it may be worth taking a look. If you aren’t using a CRM and want to understand more – what’s to lose?

Sign up today and start adding contact, company and deal pipeline data in one central place to allow you and your team to access information on prospects and customers, making sure everyone is on the same page.

2. Tailored to Your Business

Every business is different, and, as you’d expect, every company’s sales process is too.  A one size fits all solution just won’t do it and that’s where the HubSpot CRM comes alive. The majority of elements are customisable to your business. Map out and identify each stage a deal progresses to during your normal sales process, from identifying a prospect through to a won deal and set them up in the CRM.

Each deal you have on the table can then be moved from stage to stage as you progress with the sale, set follow up tasks log calls, notes and set up meetings. Monitor, analyse and build reports and more to keep on track of your figures, targets, goals and pipeline.

3. Great Customer Insight

HubSpot CRM links intrinsically with your sales activities, tracking interactions with customers and providing some invaluable information. My absolute favourite is when I get the desktop notification that Prospect A has just re-opened my email – letting me know it’s time to follow up. The CRM also links up to your contacts various social media platforms, pulling in useful data without the need for you to trawl and enter. The LinkedIn integration is especially useful.

4. Website Integration

Use your CRM in conjunction with the HubSpot Website Marketing tool (starting package is also FREE) to really see the benefits ramp up. With website integration setup correctly, you can track and be alerted every time a lead re-visits your website. Imagine the scenario; that deal that has went quiet, you spent hours nurturing, in meetings and compiling and sending out a proposal only for all communication to stop. Then suddenly, they are on your site and you know it! – let the talks begin again!

This information is also invaluable at the nurturing stage, knowing how many times a prospect has visited your site and what content and pages they are looking at can help shape your sales conversations.

5 – It’s FREE!

I definitely think it is worth saying again!

I am not saying that HubSpot CRM is for every business or everyone and a thorough investigation must go ahead before integrating any similar software fully into your organisation. But based on my experience and the feedback I have had from clients we have introduced and integrated the CRM into their business, it is all very positive.

That coupled with the fantastic support and content from HubSpot, don’t sit on the fence, give it a tray and make your own mind up – what have you got to lose!

For a full list of features and signup visit HubSpot's website or give us a call for a walk through of the CRM - and ask any questions you might have - to discover how it can benefit your company's sales process today.

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