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5 Tips for Performing Keyword Research With Inbound Marketing Campaigns

Keywords are a fundamental part of your content.

Why? If you are not using the keywords in your content that your potential customers are using, then you decrease the chances of your potential customer/s visiting your website and finding out about your product and / or service.

So, it's important to carry out keyword research and identify the right keywords for your marketing campaigns.

5 Considerations for Keyword Research

01. Analytics

Use your analytics to see what keywords are already getting visitors on to your website - If any of them are relevant to your upcoming marketing campaign they could be used to help you.

02. Brainstorm!

Carry out a brainstorm of all the keywords that are relevant to your marketing campaign - Don't forget to bring in all the team who are working on the campaign and see if they can come up with any helpful suggestions!

03. Location

Think about your location, are you focusing your marketing campaign in certain place? If so make sure you use keywords relevant to the location.

04. Customers

Step into your customer's shoes - Thinking like your customer will help you to imagine what keywords they are likely to use, the wording they are likely to use and this will help you to find keywords that are most likely going to attract your potential customers.

05. Adwords

Search your keyword ideas in Google Adwords: Keyword Planner to get statistics and more ideas for keywords that you could use.

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