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6 Ways to Improve Your Website for Local Search Results

It can be tricky to navigate the once-murky waters of SEO, but local search rankings can be boosted with little technical knowledge, and instead, dedicated time and patience...

Inbound links

Focus on a link building campaign - whether that’s via guest blogging or creating an outreach campaign. Connect with like-minded businesses (not competitors) about how your products/services/ethos supports one another and why it may benefit BOTH of you to team up and target each other’s audiences with quality content.

Accurate directory placements

Check the address and company name block that appears on your contact page and website footer. Once you’re happy that these are accurate, use a tool like Moz Local to search for all other directory listings. If there are inconsistencies in your company name, address style etc., request for them to be changed as they will have an impact on your search ranking.

Create a Google My Business listing

If you aren’t already on Google My Business claim your listing right now! If you want to rank on Google, then show Google some love - it’s that simple. Creating your listing with an accurate address, business info, category and photos all help to push your local ranking higher. It also means you can then start to gain customer reviews which will further impress Google - helping them to help you!

Check your on-site optimisation

Have you got multiple physical locations? Ensure your website highlights these locations, as well as considering physical locations for your keywords. Review your basic SEO elements including header tags, meta titles and descriptions as well as reviewing your wider site content. All of these things will help you best target keywords and/or locations.

Encourage social proof

Use your email footer, social channels or even an automated feedback email (after purchase or transaction) to encourage customers to create reviews - whether that’s on your social channels, on Google or via a feedback site like TrustPilot. You can then use these on your website or on social media to boost your credibility with new potential customers.

Don’t waste opportunities

Are you in networking groups? Make sure you’re listed on their online directories or tag your company in the Facebook photos of your MD.

Do you have trusted business partners, suppliers or clients? Ask them to tag your business when uploading photos or ask them about link building opportunities.

Part of a business group? Make sure your business is in their directory and be an active member of networking events.

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