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Picture of Reza Snowdon

Reza Snowdon

As Thrive's Senior Developer, Reza takes the lead on a variety of client work, implementing our various processes into creating and building apps and website solutions for clients across all sectors. When he’s not lost in complicated-looking code, he can be found in his very own home games room or behind his 3D printer!

Do You Know Where the Keys To Your Online Castle Are?

By ‘keys to your online castle’, we just mean the login credentials for the DNS and hosting for your website and emails.

Getting Rid of the Technical SEO Bogeymen Once and for All

SEO can appear to be a complex and difficult task and it seems that all too often we receive an unsolicited email claiming to improve rankings using an array of web wizardry (meta content, h1 tags etc) or are provided with a large document with all the SEO ‘issues’ on your website.

Website Guidance for Keeping WordPress Safe and Sound

When it comes to website content management systems (CMS), WordPress is one of the most popular. This means there are plugins for almost anything and near enough every question has been asked and answered.

3 Steps to Help Improve Problem Solving

Problem solving is a great way to grow and although at the time we may feel like...

Exploring Design and Development Tool, Sketch, In-House to Boost Client Results

Translating design into code is not always a quick and straightforward process, particularly when taking into consideration the responsive side (making a site scale down to fit mobiles and tablets).

Why We're Developing Internal Projects That Save Time for Customers

'The Pragmatic Programmer' is a book which resonates with the development team. It’s resulted in a flock of rubber ducks taking up residence in the office (find out more about 'rubber duck debugging') along with the development team regularly discussing how they work and ways to improve.

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