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How to Give Your Blog Posts Longevity and Reach New People

Friday 23 January 2015

5 minute read

By Sarah Burns

Blogging can become a force of habit when you're a consistent poster, which is why we want to encourage you to spruce up your blog and content creation habits.

Our guide will help you to clean up your act in time for spring, ahh (it won't be long before we're lounging in deckchairs...)!

If you've recently adopted a blogging strategy you could also use these tips to boost your profile and professionalism when posting updates. Equally, it's great for seasoned content creators and those in charge of company blogs.

1. Use your email signature to entice readers

Don't just have a bland sign off to your work correspondence - jazz it up a little with a fantastic offer or point people to one of your most popular or newest blog posts.

2. Shorten URLs and share on social platforms

Why just leave a blog in the hope it's found? Push out your messaging Thrive-style, with a quick update to your social networks. Use bit.ly - Thrive's favourite - or one of the many other URL shorteners, you can even get browser add-ons for Firefox or Google Chrome to complete the process much quicker.

  • Use images for promotion and add a link & brief title of your post.
  • Change your tweets so they include just the 'title + link' or 'quote + link' - which works best for you?

3. Share with ideal prospects

Use Twitter and LinkedIn to share particular content with current customers and new prospects that you know will match their marketing challenges and pain points. Adapt your messaging for different targeted prospects.

4. If you want to reach a wider - but still suitable - audience

Use your colleagues' accounts to share your content to a wider audience (only use professional accounts i.e. LinkedIn & business-only Twitter profiles). Do this by sending an internal email with the link, brief description and an image (send them the shortened link, not the long one). Make it easy for them and we're sure they'll be happy to help (i.e. Ensure it's all under 140 characters).

5. Use LinkedIn Groups and discussion boards for your industry to post content

Share it with people who are actually interested in your company, sector, topic or you as an individual and you're automatically going to get more views / shares etc. 

Thrive says...

Blogs shouldn't be dull but content writers can find themselves with writer's block or getting stuck in a rut. Use our free Editorial Calendar to best plan your blogging strategy to vary content, topic and ensure fans stay interested. Another tip - involve your team in content creation (particularly if you don't have marketing staff) - they will all have something to offer!

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