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Social Media Resolutions Worth Committing to in 2018

Friday 29 December 2017

5 minute read

By Sarah Burns

Let's face it, the social media landscape changes so much that it's hard to recognise a lot of the time.

However, we want to help you get ahead for the new year, which is why we're highlighting four priorities for you to turn your attention to and adapt your strategy around. 

1. Social media influencers

Previously, big brands only had celebrities to use as paid influencers. Today, most brands - large and small - can adopt influencers to encourage their online growth and presence.

From fitness brands using individuals that have transformed their pages to professional firms endorsing one another to influence their audiences - there's opportunities for all!

2. Instagram Stories

If you're yet to really pay attention, you definitely need to listen now to Instagram and the 'boom' that it is undergoing.

It has more than surpassed Snapchat's success and with it's owners being Facebook it looks set to only grow even more!

If you adopt Instagram as a key part of your social strategy and manage to get to more than 10,000 followers you can add a link to your story to encourage new website leads.

Of course, even if you're not at that level, if your audience is typically 16-35 they will be found on Instagram and ready to engage with your brand.

3. Messaging apps

Bots and augmented reality is set to be HUGE in 2018 and with that comes a need for more time and attention not only paid to delivering messaging opportunities, but also a strategy!

Yes, your messaging app on Facebook and your website (and everywhere else) now requires a strategy to ensure you're delivering effective, instant custom service. Bots and augmented reality are set to make this much easier if you're willing to invest the time and effort into finding a solution for you.

4. Paid social activity

Some are whispering that organic social and organic reach is dead - granted the landscape is changing but there are still opportunities for both. HOWEVER, if you're purely trying to scale up using organic methods you're going to struggle as social is following the likes of Google and rewarding those putting £££s behind their efforts!

It goes without saying all of these are guidelines, but two big takeaways are considering your customer service approach - including the possibility of how messaging apps and tools could help - and a paid social strategy. The platforms are becoming content saturated and everybody has felt the effects of changing algorithms in 2018, so get caught up and consider adopting a paid social strategy.

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