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The Right Way to Pronounce GIF and Meme Confirmed

Whether it's business or marketing definitions, or even design terminology, there's always at least one that "catches you out".

You don't want to look foolish so you proceed to offer every possible pronunciation - our office favourite being meme (as in "me-me", "meh-may", "mee-may" or as it should be, "mee-m") - making things awkward for everyone.

Have no fear though, as you're most certainly not alone!


As UK reality star Gemma Collins found out the hard way, meme is pronounced "mee-m", which rhymes with cream, team and beam.

We've all been in that conversation where someone comes out with outrageous version of the word - "me-me" anyone?



For years the world has debated passionately about the right and wrong way to saying this, but the creator of the term GIF, Steve Wilhite, has recently set us all straight.

β€œThe Oxford English Dictionary accepts both pronunciations. They are wrong. It is a soft β€˜G,’ pronounced β€˜jif.’ End of story.”

Source: NY Times 

Having personally argued this typically unpopular opinion, it was nice confirmation for me, but with the universally popular pronunciation being "gif" (like "gift"), the debate rages on in spite of Wilhite stepping in...

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