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Thrive Awarded Google Parter Status After Rapid PPC Successes

Thrive is celebrating its new status as a Google Partner with an expanding client portfolio.

The Aycliffe Business Park company’s digital marketing team, made up of Sarah Burns (pictured above right) and Rachael Farley (left), are riding high on the success of their newly-implemented PPC service.

Thrive only unveiled its PPC offering in late 2018 after digital marketing manager Sarah completed the necessary training and certifications in Google Ads Fundamentals and Google Ads Search, as well as spending extensive time on the platform with Thrive’s own pay-per-click campaigns.

With clients immediately requesting the agency deliver search campaigns on their behalf, the company has chosen to reevaluate its service offering, with PPC being one of its most successful services in the first quarter of 2019.

Director Johnny Woods said: “It’s wonderful news for our agency and being recognised by Google is, of course, something any agency would be proud of, but this is very much a well-deserved ‘pat on the back’ for our digital marketers, who continue to lead the way with their innovative and creative approach to implementing new services for our clients.”

PPC has proven fruitful for the Newton Aycliffe-based team with plans to widen the team’s knowledge with further training planned for the spring/summer.

The agency is also exploring other services, after encouraging their management team to explore additional service offerings, with app development being another growing skill set in the business.

Johnny added: “We’re a small agency, but we’re immensely proud of our team’s abilities to diversify their skill sets and it’s great knowing we can facilitate their wishes to develop new skills that boost their career, as well as our business offering.”

To qualify as a Google Partner, a company has to spend a total of $10,000 USD (or equivalent) in 90 days on Google Ads, for its clients, as well as providing its expertise by achieving particular certifications, and remaining active on the platform.

Sarah added: “It’s great to be encouraged by our directors to initiate a new service offering and to be seeing major results so quickly has allowed us to spend time training up our digital marketing assistant, Rachael, to ensure we can manage more clients and realign our marketing services with the changing face of the times.”

Article originally published at AycliffeToday.co.uk.

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