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Thrive Supports UK Medical Charity, Volunteer Medics, With Free Brand and Website

Friday 25 May 2018

4 minute read

By Thrive HQ

Volunteer Medics is a charity made up of UK based paramedics, Ambulance Service personnel and associated health care professionals plus friends.

Using their combined skills to add value and enhance the human experience when medical interventions are needed. Going to remote and developing communities they plan to make pre-hospital emergency medical specialists the centre of humanitarian assistance and disaster relief.

The charity never had a visual identity so we started with a blank canvas, knowing the brand had to be bold, recognisable and approachable.

The bold typeface gives impact and makes it easy to read at a glance and the simplified logo mark using the VM letters builds a strong visual identity for the brand. Our vision of applying the VM acronym to a range of materials, onto the back of t-shirts and the side of vehicles will hopefully allow Volunteer Medics to become a recognised phrase and trusted symbol.


The cropped in corners of the VM symbol not only allows for a tighter lock up of the type, it also shows a sense of coming together and the connection the medics have with the communities they help.

We decided to use a simplified variation of the ‘star of life’ as an icon in this logo as it is directly relatable with the medical profession making them recognisable across all languages.

We introduced the bright green tones to give a distinctive, striking look to the brand, making it instantly noticeable when applied to t-shirts, for example, it will make the volunteers distinct and recognisable.

The new brand allows them to expand and become an established charity with the goal of attracting more great volunteers and help more people.

"It has truly been an inspirational experience learning about this fantastic charity and the amazing work they do.

"Supplying our services for free was identified as a 'no-brainer' by all the team and we really hope our work assists in raising the profile of the charity to the next level."

Johnny Woods, Director

We are enjoying the opportunity to work with a charitable organisation, such as Volunteer Medics, which is just starting out with its incredible endeavours.

Find out more about Volunteer Medics and their incredible work via http://volunteermedics.org/.

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