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Thrive’s Top 18 Instagram Accounts for 2018

Over the past year the design team has made a noticeable shift in where they go to find design inspiration.

Instagram is great because you can tailor your content so it is mixed and varied. Typical inspiration sites like Pinterest, Design Inspiration and Behance to name a few, have become too cluttered and repetitive, in our opinion, meaning we have to go searching for inspiration on other sites rather than stumbling upon it on our feed.

Instagram is perfect because we can follow a wide range of creatives and inspiring accounts, so we can just scroll and gain inspiration from a range of sources. We follow lots of accounts, not just those that are design-based, as others can sometimes offer more inspiration as it provides a different perspective, keeping our feed stimulating.

So, here are Thrive’s Top 18 Instagrams for 2018, perfect for inspiring your next brand or web project – we love clients that want to be part of the creative process!


1. @ramotion

A digital product design agency from San Francisco. Their feed is full of corporate, yet exciting, design and shows the talent and style of the company. They make their icons take centre stage on the feed meaning they are a great reference when searching for inspiration for your next logo mark.  Their work on the Bitmoji rebrand is a great example of app icon design, their blog on evolving the identity while creating this icon is worth a read.


2. @heystudio

Barcelona based studio, Hey, has been one of my favourite studios for many years now, their Instagram feed is bright and colourful with a mix of bold type and illustrations using blocks of solid colour – it’s a must for your Instagram feed. The ‘everyhey’ is one of my personal favourite projects from the studio showing their simple, unique style in Bitmojis.


3. @ui_ux

Sharing a collection of UI and UX designs from a range of designers and studios, this feed is one of the best collated ones we’ve found showcasing a variance of mobile, apps and web design, giving examples of a lot of design styles.


4. @thebeeest

Similar to @ui__ux they curate a collection of UI/UX from different sources, we like @thebeeest because they have a standardised format on the page showing the landing pages of the sites they feature. This makes their page look sleek, clean and very easy to gain inspiration from. We tend to click through to the main site to see more of the sites we like.


5. @iconaday

@iconaday does was it says on the tin, it’s a great place to look when trying to figure what icon to use for your next infographic. It’s a great one on my feed, personally, as you’re guaranteed to always see something different!


6. @logoawesome

A collection of logos from different designers. @logoawesome concentrates just on logomarks and none of the roll-out, making it an ideal place to look for general logo inspiration.


7. @logolearn

This is one of our favourite stops on a scroll through Instagram – they show clips of the logo design process. We find it really interesting how simple shapes and lines overlay to make complex logo marks. They also show initial sketches showing designers’ development from start to finished logo.


8. @typetopia

@typetopia offers a daily digest of type, design and illustration. Mostly showcasing typography examples, they share a range of styles. This differentiates it from other type-based inspiration accounts mainly focusing on handwritten type. With the occasional illustration thrown in between the typography this is a must for your feed.


🌴 By @s_harrington Use #typetopia to get featured!

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9. @friendsoftype

A great way to break up your feed, this account is brought to you by four friends – Aaron Carámbula, Erik Marinovich, Dennis Payongayong and Jason Wong. Typographic design and lettering – fresh visual content – is shared most days, by the four primary contributors. The page is a great mix of typography photography in everyday life, ongoing design processes and finished typographic posts.


construction time again

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10. @Jessicavwalsh

Jessica Walsh has long been one of my personal favourite designers, Art Director at Sagmeister & Walsh, based in New York City.  This account is full of colour with a collective mix of photography design and illustration, which is admittedly sometimes ‘bizarre’, but always well-considered design. Walsh’s account will definitely add ‘the wow factor’ to your feed.


mood 🗡 by Damien Hirst

A post shared by Jessica Walsh (@jessicavwalsh) on


11. @wearemucho

A creative agency based in multiple locations around the world – Barcelona, San Francisco, Paris and New York. They have worked on brands such as Apple, PayPal, Dell and Dolby. It is a great one inspire your next project as they offer a good indication of what is both current and being done by global corporations. We tend to click through from their Instagram to the website for further inspiration, one of my personal favourite projects of theirs is the Movistar+ Branding. 


12. @raminnasibov

An Art Director from Berlin, this account is full of colour with a collage of photography and illustrations. Fantastic gradients and interesting compositions make his work a refreshing inspiration stop.


⚫🌻⚫👱‍♀️⚫🍋⚫ @dariagermania

A post shared by Ramin Nasibov (@raminnasibov) on


13. @thedesignkids

@thedesignkids is another great collection of work from a broad spectrum of the industry. We like this account as it brings together work from almost unknown upcoming accounts, proving that great work can be found anywhere. It’s a great account for unique and new inspiration.


14. @welovebranding

This account is part of a series from We Love Daily, including @welovewebdesign, @weloveanimations and @weloveillustration. All accounts are worth following as, in my opinion, they are one of the best curated, showcasing multiple images of the same post from different points of view.


15. @supplyanddesign

‘By designers, for designers’, @supplyanddesign they have a great mix of design from multiple disciplines. We chose this account because they tend to stay away from the standard ‘logo after logo’ scheduling style, instead they find more ‘out there’ – sometimes strange and unique – work from a range of creatives.


16. @designboom

Brought to you by Design Boom, this Instagram brings together a great selection of digital architecture, art and technology. Making this account a nice change from all of the other digital design based accounts, but it’s just as inspirational.


17. @take_the_point

A mix of design work and daily inspirational quotes, with tips and advice mixed with words of wisdom to get you through the day.


18. @mindsparklemagazine

A great account to follow for daily inspiration they bring together a mix of disciplines, featuring the best of design, web design and video, @mindsparklemagazine is a great website to visit, offering blogs like this one – 2018 Design Trends.

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