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Thrive's Top 7 Time-Wasting Websites for Your Next Work Break

We've all experienced those days when deadlines are looming, meetings are booked in and you're eating a meal deal sandwich at your desk while you type an email one-handed.

Those days where we feel we are at our most time-pressured, rushed and, in many ways, important, are likely the days when you're performing worst. That's if you believe the regular studies that insist a productive employee is one that takes regular breaks.

"A survey of 1,000 British adults published by Electric Tobacconist as part of the Take a Break Report 2017 reveals almost one in two workers (49 per cent) take short breaks from their work as often as every two hours, and 15 per cent do so once per hour – but many in fact find that this has a direct impact on their work performance.

"More than one in three (36 per cent) believe that this time actually boosts their productivity and energy levels."

Source: Electric Tobacconist's Take a Break Report 2017 

With that research in mind we've found some of the best time-wasting websites for your next work break (all in the name of research, of course)...

1. A Soft Murmur

On the back of Nicki Minaj's enthusiasm for ASMR (never heard of it, catch up here) and the growing collection of Spotify podcasts, now is as good a time as ever to get to grips with white noise and other ways to soothe your ears (and mind).


A Soft Murmur allows you to mix a collection of sounds - think waves, birds, rain, crickets and more - at a speed and volume that suits you - perfect for zoning out and 'taking 5' or zoning in to make that big deadline.

2. Way Back Machine

A favourite find of Thrive's developers, not least because we get to check out the expansion and changing face of our own site, but because you can look at virtually any website out there.


This may seem like wasted time to some everyone, but Way Back Machine sure made us smile and ready to jump back into blogging!!

3. Google Maps

Who hasn't wasted time trying to remember where they were when they seen that Google van one time 18 months ago and tracking their general path to work/the shop/their home to see themselves?!


I can confidently point out a number of colleagues' homes, childhood homes, schools and other "key locations" from their lives thanks to the fascination of Google Maps.

4. BuzzFeed

It's hard to contemplate that any of you may not have heard of BuzzFeed, but I'm a millennial and my first dose of viral content and pointless-but-brilliant- quizzes was BuzzFeed, so maybe you haven't.


Once you click on the homepage it's easy to see - thanks to the funny-as-ever comments sections, bizarre quizzes and brilliant related content sections - why people get lost in BuzzFeed. Try to limit yourself to one quiz per break for a measured approach!

5. Wikipedia

Truth - I woke with a start at 5am today (October 30th), it was waaaay too early and too cold to get out of bed, but I did get lost in a Wikipedia hole. Thanks to the sheer amount of information on Wiki articles and inbound links found on each, it's easy to suddenly be discovering the inner findings of a gory murder investigation of yesteryear or somebody's life story (where I found myself this morning).


At least with this option you're likely to gain some obscure knowledge that will either support your career or simply get you a 'point' on a pub quiz.

6. Rightmove

Hands up if you've used Rightmove to buy/rent a home! Hands up if you've used Rightmove to have a nosey at the neighbours homes for sale/rent! Hands up if you've planned your dream life with unrealistic sale/rent options on Rightmove!


It's the perfect way to waste time at home or work, and I'm a keen fan - it's nice to dream! You can also use the 'Overseas Properties' search for a dream holiday home (a five-bedroom villa in Mallorca, perhaps?), and for the big imaginaries amongst us, try Zillow for a lush NY pad or LA escape!

7. Pinterest

Some say Pinterest has had its day, some say Pinterest is great for crafters and cooks, others might say it's their favourite platform.


I have become a member of the third party, it's perfect for visual search and really helps you decorate your dream pad from option #6.

Realistically, Pinterest is an ideal escape for professionals as there are so many visuals that can actually be useful - we love searching for marketing infographics, as well as design trends on Pinterest.

If you've still got time, why not take a quick stroll around the office or make a cuppa?

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