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The latest updates from Thrive's digital marketing team, with helpful advice and best practices to boost your marketing efforts.

Top 5 Viral Challenges of 2019

Another year, another viral challenge for the world to jump on the back of and 2019 has seen its fair share of popular social media trends.

How to Use LinkedIn InMail to Make Business Connections

The first initial contact you make with a prospect, both online and offline, are essential in developing long-lasting business relationships.

What Content Should I Be Sharing on My Personal LinkedIn?

As a business professional, it's important that employees at a managerial level think about building their personal presence on LinkedIn - but what content should you share? 

LinkedIn Premium Accounts Explained for Personal and Company Use

With over 303 million active monthly users, LinkedIn is a great social media platform that gives business professionals plenty of opportunities to widen their circle, target leads and develop their working relationships. 

What is the Best Social Media Platform for My Business?

It may come as a surprise that only 60% of UK businesses use social media as a marketing tool, when the possibilities are endless for business growth including brand awareness and increased sales.

How to Manage Fake Followers on Social Media

With more and more businesses utilising social media marketing, an influx of spambots can be frustrating while trying to maintain a trustworthy brand reputation.

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