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Traditional Marketing Methods That Still Trump Modern Marketing Efforts

We spend a lot of time talking about the importance of digital and inbound marketing, but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for old-school efforts.

In fact, when you look at recent research, it quickly becomes apparent that people miss the old-school feel of receiving direct mail campaigns and traditional marketing speaks to them by cutting through the digital ‘nonsense’ (ouch).

The average person receives more than 2900 marketing messages a day. (Source: Compu-Mail)

People miss that warm and fuzzy feeling of receiving a physical campaign that has their name on and allows them to physically do something - as opposed to an all-too-easy-to-delete email or all-too-easy-to-hide Facebook post.

80 – 90 percent of direct mails are opened while only 20 percent of emails are opened on the high end of the spectrum. (Source: Fit Small Business

It’s not that modern methods don’t work anymore, it’s just that they may not leave the warmest “first impression”.

It’s often a great idea to tie both traditional and digital together for your first impression - for example, send a direct mail campaign and then send a personalised, relevant email.

5 traditional marketing forms that you can utilise

1. Direct mail campaigns

Direct mail can be produced in a number of imaginative ways to suit audience, delivery type, your brand and key message.

It’s a great way to spark interest in new, existing and lapsed clients. You can stick with a simple message on quality stock card, or go out and send stationery, sweet treats and who knows what else. There’s an option for almost all budgets!

Follow your campaign with a friendly, relevant, on-brand email and don’t forget to include contact options, such as social media links, on your direct mail campaign.

2. Business card

A traditional business card is somewhat of a ‘trusty sidekick’ to many, you just never know when you’ll need to have it to hand.

Make sure you have plenty of on-brand business cards to hand, on decent stock, for whenever you need to hand over your contact details. When you hand it over, why not mention your business’ social media accounts?

3. Thank you card

Just a few weeks ago, our Director, Rachel, received a package she’d ordered from a small business, only to open it and find a small square ‘thank you’ card.

It was simplistic in both design and message, but incredibly effective in creating a positive reaction from a first-time customer.

Sometimes it’s simply ‘nice to be nice’, and if that means you can get a few shoutouts on Instagram and Twitter just from sending a ‘thank you card’ then it’s got the added bonus of creating a positive message about your brand.

4. Print advertising

Particularly in regards to local media and PR, print advertising can be crucial to success and putting you ahead and in the mind of locals - that is, suppliers, new customers, lapsed customers and the competition too!

Why not create a print advert that encourages digital communication?

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5. Telephone

You know that thing that you only ever use to play somewhat time-wasting word games, whinge endlessly on Facebook or find out what Piers Morgan is ranting about on the Daily Mail (shame on you)?

Sometimes it can be used to make phone calls.

We live in a world where we rely on sending email after email - often when a phone call would have done the job quicker and more effectively.

You have a better chance of getting a warm response with an existing contact over the phone, than you do by email.

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