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Understanding the Importance of DNS to Your Business

Monday 19 February 2018

8 minute read

By Reza Snowdon

Helping you to understand what a DNS is and why it's important for you to know your DNS details.

Domain Name Servers (DNS) are a vital part of the internet and in essence allow us to type a name, instead of a number, into a web browser and have it direct us to a website (e.g. google.com instead of

Not the most exciting topic by any means for most people! However it’s very useful for all business owners to understand what their DNS details are. Without them, if your website, email or any other service that uses DNS goes down, it could (in certain cases) make it difficult to get it back online.

Typically DNS will need to be changed if someone has a new website built, decides to switch to a different email provider or include another online service or feature to their business. If a change is needed, it’s always important to save the records by taking a screenshot or exporting the ‘zone file’ before making any changes.

In fact, I have developed a piece of software which monitors DNS for changes. It’s not used particularly often but when it is, it’s immensely useful when helping our customers. Sometimes mistakes are made and it’s good to have a DNS backup to see what’s changed and identify the problem.

It’s all quite a lot to take in if the idea is new but the key take home message is to ensure you know your DNS login details and check they work.

This means that should anything need to be altered, you are ready and able to provide the details.

Have you already had a look and still not quite sure? Don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll quickly be able to point you in the right direction. The last thing you want to find out is that you need to make a vital change and the person with the login details has moved to Thailand and is nowhere to be found!

That may sound like an exaggeration, but unfortunately this happened to a new customer and tracking the details down proved to be quite tricky!

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