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Website Design Trends for 2018

Monday 20 November 2017

7 minute read

By Sarah Burns

Currently in the middle of a website redesign? As with everything, times change and so do people’s tastes and design preferences...

Of course, when it comes to building and designing websites, there is more than just trends to contend with, thanks to changes in technology, browsers and mobile devices.

It remains the case, that each year there are different ‘must haves’, which of course don’t steer away from the basics that we offer - a secure, responsive website that provides your audience with an easy to use platform. It’s nice to be able to offer those super cool ‘extras’ though…


Clean Layouts


(Source: Basis AG)

Websites that were heavily laden with images became somewhat of the devil in 2017, with a continuing shift away from photography, focusing on clean and simple websites for improved mobile performance.

With mobile continuing to rise ahead of desktop users for all industries, 2018 will see an increase in the clean and simple style we've become accustomed to.

You don't need distracting graphics, if you've got brand new interfaces like animation and chatbots (more about these below)!



Similar to the shift in focus from photography to a focus on actual features and tools, typography is also under the limelight in 2018. Expect a greater use of bold, text-based graphics and a shift away from traditional button links, typography will become more focused as websites go back to basics with improved text links.


Unique Photo Content


Although we've said so much about the shift away from graphics, photo content is still crucial, particularly from an e-commerce point of view.

However, this shift in best practice is guaranteed to rock the boat... Stock photos are great, BUT the latest is that they're fast becoming 'old news', with a focus on unique, individual photography for your products and services, instead.

Your individuality will help you stand out in a sea of 'stock'!



Animation is continuing to be 'big news' from the previous year, with animated objects having a huge impact on smooth reading and adding drama and movement to pages, to help guide the readers eyes.

Whether it's adding animation to your logo, icons or transitions between pages or slides, it's crucial that you consider this for an updated approach to your website for the years ahead.


Intelligent Conversational Bots

There is a focus on an advanced approach to different apps and tools for your website this year. It is becoming more commonly accepted for bots and chat facilities to be a more 'mainstream' approach to picking up your online communications. 

They can be found on Q&A pages, in a pop-up, a chat window or elsewhere. If you offer a direct customer experience, you should consider this going forward - it is hugely beneficial for mobile users that want answers fast.


Internet of Things

An Internet of Things (IoT) approach uses technology to connect devices to the internet, with everything from smart light bulbs, advanced air conditioning systems or Amazon Echo.

Websites will also be starting to take on the IoT trend in 2018, with web developers creating websites that include complex backends and a smart user-friendly interface so your website can interact with smart devices.



A hugely popular topic and crucial for your business' and customers' security, following various hacks in 2017 - not least the NHS hack which resulted in 19,500 medical appointments being cancelled.

Security is a key issue for all organisations and it's a big topic to discus with your web devleoper. Make sure they know what they're talking about when it comes to security and ensure all security certificates are up to date. Googe is already warning users of companies whose websites don't seem to be up to date - which is a huge reason for visitiors to not even visit  your website!

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