Content Marketing

Strategy, creation and promotion

We use your knowledge and insight to create relevant and useful content for every stage of the buying funnel for your customers.

The internet is completely saturated with content, so it is absolutely crucial that your marketing campaigns are targeted and answer the questions your customers are looking for. As is often the case, businesses know what they want to say they just can't get it into words that allow them to be seen, heard and talked to!

Our team will help you to build traffic, ranking and social authority, transforming the results you get from your marketing efforts. We will share your knowledge using best practices and the latest techniques when it comes to social promotion and search engine rankings.


We plan your story!

If it's been a few years since you reviewed your website content or brand voice, it might be time to refresh. As with everything, it's easy to forget how much time has passed since your products were relaunched, services realigned or key staff members left changing the way business is done.

As a team we will create a joint strategy based on realigning your content with your organisation's key goals, targets and message. We can create content pillars to build your content around allowing for focused pieces targeting your buyer personas, in various styles and formats, with KPIs to measure the results.


We tell your story!

There is a whole host of reasons for requiring content creation services throughout the lifespan of your business - from flyers to ebooks, infographics to brochures - but it's important that your efforts get results. Otherwise, why bother at all?

Our team deliver the highest level of quality content, using journalistic best practices, taking care to ensure that your grammar and punctuation are correct. We craft our tone and language to suit your business, ensuring that your customers are unaware that it is an external agency delivering your messages. There is also a huge focus on search engine rankings and we use best practices to ensure your website and its respective content is suited to SEO best practices.

Content marketing conveys a host of options from email marketing, to social media, to print and other digital assets - we will tailor everything to engage your target audience and ensure it is visually engaging and shareable.


We share your story!

Once your strategy and the content created as part of it is ready to 'roll', we will identify the best platforms for content promotion. We can support you by delivering organic and paid advertising for search engines and social media.

A key part of the content creation process is ensuring that your content can naturally (or organically) be found. Once we have ensured organic results are filtering through, we're happy to advise of paid advertising campaigns, such as display and search network advertising campaigns, Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn/Twitter advertising campaigns and Facebook retargeting campaigns.

We will work with you to develop this secondary content creation into your overarching content strategy.

Social Media Retainers

Thrive's full service approach means that we can take control of all aspects of your social media strategy, including content creation, customer service and paid advertising campaigns.

Our expert team focuses on providing a holistic approach to your social content strategy, allowing time for community management and social listening, as well as regularly updating you with key performance metrics and new tools.

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We're here to help!

If you're looking for blogging, email marketing, social media or general content creation support, our team can help - just enquire below!


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