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Request a Buyer Personas Workshop

Together we will share lots of ideas and strategies to help you produce your buyer personas.

Our Buyer Personas Workshop typically runs at Thrive from 10am-3pm, including a lunch break. Our two strategic marketing members will structure the session and support your mix of key customer-facing and decision-making team members.

This will be a creative session, where no idea is wrong and we will be digging deep to scope the personality and key factors that make up your ‘ideal’ and ‘anti-’ personas.

The workshop generally consists of:

  • An overview of inbound marketing and buyer personas
  • Reviewing of existing personas and how they work in your business (if applicable)
  • Confirmation of the key elements of your ‘ideal’ and ‘anti-’ personas/customers to discover the identifying attributes that will shape your buyer persona strategy
  • Developing existing, or creating new, personas using best practices

Note: This session can over-run, but we aim to develop one persona during this workshop. You can then use the practices you’ve discovered to build your own additional personas or book additional sessions. Each session is bespoke to the company’s needs and knowledge of buyer personas and inbound marketing - the agenda is a guideline only.