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Request a Branding Workshop

Our half-day workshops are designed to inspire your organisation and ensure you get great value from your rebrand.

We've designed a creative, inspiring programme for our revamped Branding Workshops.

Full of tools, interactivity and thought-provoking activities, we aim to get the best information from you about what you hope to achieve, what your customers need from you and how that needs to be translated in your brand.

Bring along a cross-section of employees, an open mind and approach your rebrand in an inspiring way.

The branding workshop process includes:

01. Brief: An initial insight into your business. We pull information from a branding workshop or meeting to form the basis of your entire brand.

02. Discover: Research begins. We question and seek reasoning behind our sketches and ideas, linking them back to initial discussions.

03. Development: Creating a final sketch on-screen. We begin to generate variations of the overall concept.

04. Proposal: Final logo is discussed and approved. We develop the logomark to show how the brand will work going forward.