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Bringing ideas and designs to life with bespoke functionality

As a North East development studio we work with organisations of all sizes in every sector to provide web, Android, iOS and desktop software solutions.

Our experienced team works tirelessly to deliver seamless, easy-to-use solutions for clients like you. We have the ability to handle any kind of development issue or enquiry, as well as building bespoke development solutions for specific requests and projects.

In the last year we have delivered a bespoke reporting tool for a County Durham finance organisation, a data management solution for a Newton Aycliffe garage and many responsive websites for B2B organisations across the North East region.

We’re always on the lookout for our next challenge…

Website Development

We work on a variety of projects ranging from simple landing pages and brochure websites, to designing APIs and developing existing applications. We are a flexible team and have worked on a variety of different platforms including WordPress, Shopify and HubSpot. It’s safe to say that if you have an idea for a web project, we can help. Some examples include:

  • An entry-level, information-only website
  • A custom e-commerce solution
  • An extensive lead generation site
  • A bespoke web application
  • Improving an existing or legacy system used in your business

Our proven processes have been designed to help you achieve your aims and are focused on sound, no-jargon communication. When starting a web project our first goal is understanding your business and what you would like to achieve.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile applications are more popular than ever and having an app your customers find useful at their fingertips can be extraordinarily helpful.

It’s easy to have an app that essentially mirrors a website. However, our first step is to work with you to understand what specifically about an app your customers would find helpful and what you would like to achieve with the application.

We use the same mobile app framework that Skype, Facebook, Airbnb and Instagram use to build their mobile apps. This, combined with our development approach, means we are able to create a responsive, well integrated application that works on both Android and Apple iOS. We also place these on the App Stores so they can be easily found and installed.

Additional Development

We’re a flexible team and have worked on a variety of different projects for customers. These include:

  • Developing a payment estimation calculator on top of a REST API for an accountancy firm
  • Repairing ‘Hacked Sites’ by removing malicious code and installing firewalls
  • Optimising/repairing a relational database for an automotive company

You may be surprised at what we can do so don’t hesitate to get in touch. We can discuss your goal or issue and we will see if we can help.

If you're looking for a new application, website, or an update to an existing project, our team can help - just enquire below!

Desktop Application Development

Desktop applications are typically developed to meet a very specific need in a way that 'off-the-shelf' applications cannot. This could relate to improving the way you work (e.g. automating or speeding up an existing time-consuming task) or targeting a specific customer demographic with an application that targets their needs.

We use the industry standard QT framework. This means that your application will have a familiar user interface. We also package your application for distribution as an installer making it quick and easy to deploy on to desktops.

Request a callback!

You may be surprised at what we can do so don’t hesitate to get in touch, whether you're looking for a new application, website, an update to an existing project or something else, send it our way!


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