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Request a Workshop

Designed to allow us to transfer knowledge from our skilled, experienced, professional team members, these workshops allow your company to put the latest digital marketing techniques and activities into practice.

You can choose from a range of workshops, including:


Can cover best practices on blogging, content creation, website copywriting, marketing strategy and other content-specific services.

Social Media

Commonly features information on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, plus advertising options with each platform, or a wider social strategy and rollout on each platform.


An ideal refresher or introduction for HubSpot users can be completely bespoke, covering specific HubSpot tools or the different platforms as a whole, i.e. Marketing, Sales or Service.


A half-day workshop inspiring your organisation with a programme of thought-provoking activities. We'll discover your values and goals plus, who your customers are and what they need from you. 

Buyer Personas

Enable your team to correctly identify your target audience to deliver a better strategic approach to content marketing. Will result in a better understanding of personas and one complete persona profile.

Email Marketing

Based on your current email marketing platform of choice, this session will outline an overview of the platform, or specifics, i.e. database management, email design, etc. 

Please note: We reserve the right to withdraw these workshops at any time and will require additional information ahead of the session. Pricing is bespoke and based upon the course content, knowledge level, duration, location, refreshment requirements and THE number of attendees, amongst other factors.