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The Expert Guide to Managing a HubSpot Portal

This 22-page ebook is designed to support you through your HubSpot account management, ensuring you maintain an organised, tidy HubSpot portal.

A tidy desk really does equal a tidy mind and this ebook ensures that your HubSpot account remains as tranquil and clean as possible - think, tidy HubSpot portal, tidy marketing.

We've been there, done that, when it comes to HubSpot, so we know what it's like when you're busy with "doing the do", creating marketing campaigns, uploading ebooks, producing landing pages and sharing social messages... You can forget about structure, but it's important to review your account and conduct a portal audit regularly. 

This guide will:

  • Introduce the importance of a portal audit
  • Explore best practices for reorganising a cluttered HubSpot portal
  • Offer guidance for keeping your HubSpot CRM and contacts records in order
  • Decluttering high-use areas of your HubSpot account, including Files and your Design Tools (coded web files)