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Thriveability Plan, Strategy and Brand Audit

The fun really starts now!

Our Thriveability Plan will become the foundation of your marketing strategy for the next twelve months.

Using your Thriveability Plan as a custom blueprint for a year of marketing, this gameplan includes research, creative brainstorming and workshops.

The final result of this process is a fully fledged content strategy and outline of how to implement your Thriveability Plan – with or without HubSpot implementation.

Thriveability Plan

The Thriveability Plan is not a ‘one size fits all’ document, it is a highly customised strategy for the upcoming twelve months of your content marketing.

This stage of the process is crucial as it will be a chance for your organisation to go through its sales and marketing challenges and goals, plus your expectations and hopes for future marketing. At this stage, we will be able to put you through our buyer persona workshop, which will be the foundation for your content strategy.

Your Thriveability Plan will include:

  • Synopsis of all of your buyer personas’ profiles
  • Variety of optimised blog titles and synopsis’*
  • Awareness stage ebook titles and synopsis’*
  • Consideration stages ebook titles and synopsis’*
  • Decision stages ebook titles and synopsis’*
  • Primary keyword research
  • Schedule for content promotion and dissemination

* Amount dependant on package choice

Buyer Personas

A key part of the Thriveability Plan is actually understanding who your content is targeted at and who is going to engage with you.

Our buyer personas workshop allows us to discover key demographics, business habits, motivations and behaviours that will form the basis of your content strategy.

This stage of our process includes a personas workshop, questionnaires and interviews, where possible. All of this work will uncover the primary personas that we need to focus on together – that are ideal customers for buying your products or services. All of the follow-up content strategy, including ebooks and blogs – will be centred on ensuring they speak to these very people.

The buyer personas segment of our process will result in:

  • Opportunity to review your target audience, their needs, behaviours, motivations and how to speak to them – tone of language, content platform etc.
  • Up to four personas, fully planned and designed in professional documents for your whole team to share
  • Advice for communicating with these personas and developing them as time goes on
  • A strong basis for the content strategy that your Thriveability Plan is focused on

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