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Paid Social Management

Discovery, Launch, Review, Delight

Our four-stage paid social management process is a structured approach to implementing paid social advertising, or sponsored social posts into your existing campaign.

With our experience in social media account management we strive to deliver on-brand, professional, affordable campaigns that get the best results for your budget. As part of this activity, we will undertake a social media audit on your behalf, to ensure your organic efforts are getting the best results for your resource and spend. On the back of these findings we may make recommendations to improve your organic social media presence.

Thrive believes that paid social management should be undertaken alongside well-structured organic social media management, as it’s important that your ads line up with the approach taken in your day-to-day messaging.

We will work with you to produce bespoke, on-brand, professional messaging and creative (where necessary) to ensure your ads are on target for your audience, budget and marketing/sales goals.

As the social media landscape has evolved it has become increasingly clear that organisations should and must adopt paid social management as part of their digital marketing toolkit.

To improve your understanding of how paid social management works and what you can achieve with the implementation of such a strategy, here are our recommended reads:



Considering Paid Social Management?

If you're looking for a transparent and strategised approach to your social media accounts and paid social campaigns - because you need expert help or simply don't have the time - why not enquire about our professional support?


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