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We use our 20+ years of knowledge in the marketing industry to provide you with a solid strategic approach to implementing social media marketing for your business.

It’s always best to think about your marketing activities from a strategic point of view – that’s why we created our Thriveability Plan – and your social media activities are no different. As part of our ongoing development we have realigned our social media management offering to ensure that you’re getting the most up-to-date and relevant service offering.

We have produced a trio of social media management packages that should suit your budget and needs, as well as a suite of add-ons that will allow you to add to these packages as and when you require. Our process with prospective social media clients as always started with a strategic session that will allow our team to analyse your goals, challenges and expectations from your social media marketing – it’s different for every organisation!

Our strategic session will include an overview of your business’ current social media state and how you want to develop it. We will work with you to choose a social media package of support and management that best suits your needs (these can be amended to suit your business’ needs). We offer packages as they provide an ideal guide for what an organisation might require, but we will work to tailor it to your specific goals and challenges.

As standard, all clients will receive:

In-depth monthly reports of their accounts’ performance

Increased engagement and social following

A dedicated account manager

Based on your package choice we will offer additional services and a varied level of support and allocated time to your accounts.

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Find out more about our social media management packages and how we can encourage your business’ social presence to grow and thrive.


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