Social Media

Strategy, management and engagement for all sectors

What’s your business goal? A social media management and marketing strategy can help you align your digital presence to achieve these objectives.

Whether you’re hoping for awareness, a sales drive or finding potential customers, Thrive’s social media management packages can help you achieve any of these.

Our social media team has been reviewing the changes in the social media market over the last 12 months and recently launched three updated retainer packages. In addition to that, we’ve kept our finger on the pulse and considered trends, such as the introduction of the Facebook Pixel and the uptake in Instagram Advertising.

In doing so, we’ve outlined a four-stage process for all of our retainer clients – regardless of package choice – to ensure a lasting and fruitful relationship between our account managers and you, the client.

Social Media Retainers with Thrive:

Clients who engage us for a social media retainer will now be taken through our four-step onboarding process. This process will include a choice of retainer packages, the allocation of an account manager and add-ons (advertising, design etc.) – it will also allow for:

- Clarity of your marketing goals and aims

- Competitive analysis and market research

- Regular meetings and reports

Considering Social Media Management?

If you're looking for a transparent and strategised approach to your social media accounts - because you need expert help or simply don't have the time - why not enquire about our retainers?


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