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Request Your Custom Thriveability Plan

The Thriveability Plan is not a ‘one size fits all’ document, it is a highly customised strategy for the upcoming twelve months of your content marketing.

This stage of the process is crucial as it will be a chance for your organisation to go through its sales and marketing challenges and goals, plus your expectations and hopes for future marketing. At this stage, we will be able to put you through our buyer persona workshop, which will be the foundation for your content strategy.

A Thriveability Plan includes:

  • Define the buyer personas you wish to attract through their website
  • Identify the common questions that your buyer personas are asking at different stages of their research process
  • Detail the premium content elements that need to be created to answer the questions that your personas are asking
  • Determine a unique set of lead nurturing emails for each persona, designed to answer their questions and build further engagement
  • Outline specific resource and blog campaigns to attract each persona to the website

Please Note: Final cost will be based on the amount of content required and your choice of inbound package.

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