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Baltic Apprenticeships

Website Design & Development, Digital Marketing, HubSpot

"Over the last twelve months we have worked with Thrive to improve our inbound marketing strategy and to better position Baltic within the apprenticeship market. The team at Thrive have gone above and beyond to help us with the Thriveability Plan and the development of our new website. No request is ever too big or small and they go out of their way to make sure we are happy and to support in any way they can."


Brooke Urwin, Baltic Apprenticeships

Our working relationship with Baltic Apprenticeships is longer than we both first realised, having employed one of our existing team, Rachael, as a Baltic apprentice in 2016. From there, we knew of each other as neighbours on Aycliffe Business Park, but in 2018, Baltic reached out via our website for some information about inbound marketing, to produce a tangible strategy around their existing marketing efforts.

From that initial enquiry, the last 12 months have been very fun, creative, and busy, but crucially it’s been a pleasure to work together and, for us, a dream to implement HubSpot and inbound marketing into a forward-thinking, enthusiastic organisation! The first touchpoint was a buyer personas workshop to identify their current personas and how we could build a marketing strategy. This very first session was an eyeopener for the team, who were now invigorated with great ideas for targeting and marketing business opportunities, which is when we took them through the full Thriveability Plan process.


An exciting future...

The Thriveability Plan initiated a ‘lightbulb’ moment that ensured the organisation had the seeds to develop a robust, lead generating strategy, which included implementing HubSpot’s marketing and sales software into a brand new HubSpot CMS-built website. In the summer of 2019, we launched this all-singing, all-dancing website, with various elements of training and support along the way and we remain in the background for any strategic or technical support the fantastic team may require.