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Everything Educational

Branding & Design

"This up to date approach will reflect well with the intended target market working with young people and its versatility allows for many applications"


Johnny Woods, Director, Thrive Marketing

Originally branded as Everything English, the team took the opportunity lockdown offered to assess the business and explore avenues for growth. The result of this reflection provided a seismic shift in how the business presented itself and the services it offers. 

They approached us with a request to rebrand the company to support its growth and expansion of its service offerings. A new name and identity was the first step. Updating from Everything English to Everything Educational offered obvious advantages.

The original identity for Everything English had a traditional look and feel and the team wanted to update this dated impression along with the name and logo. Keeping the existing colour theme was a requirement also with a modern, brighter twist.

Thrive provided several initial concepts for the client and these were whittled down to the final chosen identity. The double E solution provides a modern approach with the glitch trend, similar to TikTok. It also hints at the distinct split between the Private Tuition and the School Service offerings whilst obviously being the initials of the company.


A versatile future...

The team at Everything Educational love the rebranded identity and it was rolled out across all traditional and digital marketing channels immediately.