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SockMonkey Studios

Web Design & Development, Branding

"The gang at Thrive are an absolute pleasure to work with. They understood exactly what our company brand needed, and worked with us all the way through the branding process. The outcome is excellent and we all love it. Highly recommended!"


Bob Makin, SockMonkey Studios

Working with the amazing gang at SockMonkey Studios was a complete breath of fresh air.

Having met through mutual connections we have worked with the SockMonkey Studios team on their brand and web presence since 2018. Our partnership has resulted in a fun-loving, innovative customer-facing brand, without moving too far away from its original identity.

Following on from the launch of their refreshed brand in 2018 we launched an initial website presence, which suited their business objectives at the time. In 2021, however, the SockMonkey Studios team approached us again for an all-singing, all-dancing corporate presence that matches their unique identity - the result of which is a fully responsive and immersive website that showcases the team and their talents perfectly.


Game for anything...

SockMonkey Studios continues to grow and revolutionise its industry. We're delighted to be along for the journey in the form of our work on their original rebranding exercise and their new website launched for 2022.