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Three Counties

Branding, Web Design & Development, Digital Marketing

The whole re-branding process with Thrive was hugely informative and enjoyable and provided us with a huge amount of insight into the key values and perception of our business, a project that we received great value from and one I would not hesitate to repeat.

Andrew Alexander, Director and Head of Investments & Product Strategy, Three Counties

The former brand had served Three Counties well and has helped them to instil confidence and trust to their clients, making them the highly respected business they are today. So, the challenge was to create a new brand that inspires this confidence and trust into a new generation of clients and to attract new investors, whilst showing a positive step forward for the company and maintaining the respect of their existing clients.

The Three Counties team were guided through our branding process, after which we were able to immerse ourselves in Three Counties, the people involved and their aspirations as a company. This is key to creating a brand that encompasses their core beliefs and has longevity.

An exciting partnership...

The key element of the overall logo is the ‘more than’ symbol, which ties into the strapline - Beyond Wealth Management - and carries through the application. The applications above show how the brand carries through its key printed material and online presence. Overall, the new brand is more structured and best suited to the direction of the company, with the opportunity to grow and develop as they need to.

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