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Volunteer Medics

Web Design & Development, Branding

“The work that Thrive has completed, from logo design, to website, to content, has been amazing. Even more it says what the guys are about when they have done this completely free of charge. We cannot thank them enough for their friendly professionalism and astute guidance. Our future will be built on the foundations they helped lay. A big thanks!!”


Michael Holgate, Volunteer Medics

When we were first told about the amazing work of Michael and his team of ex-paramedics and volunteers, we made a collective decision as a business to offer the charity a website completely free of charge.

The work that Volunteer Medics does is truly astonishing and was so moving that our director, Johnny, chose to embark on a life-changing visit to Tanzania with the team in 2019.

We produced a brand for the non-profit that reflects the company’s caring ethos, with a star shape in the logo (a nod to a common medical symbol), as well as cutting away a small part of the text element of the logo to represent the giving nature of the charity.


An exciting future...

In 2018 we rolled out the VM brand onto a responsive website that fully outlines the charity’s mission, ethos and upcoming projects, as well as past work and how readers can get involved with supporting the non-profit's projects and fundraising efforts.