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Weardale Practice

Web Design & Development, Branding

"Weardale Practice's new website set them apart from others in their field, as it provides a streamlined, and easy-to-use platform for patients to navigate when they need help most."


Johnny Woods, Director, Thrive

Starting by revamping their brand, cleverly tying in the local landscape of Weardale with the 'hilly' logomark, and a heart to showcase the important care that takes place at Weardale Practice, we cleverly embodied the GP service in an easy-to-recognise brand. 

Bringing this into a streamlined, easy-to-use, and modern-looking website has allowed the GP service to better communicate with local residents and partner organisations alike. 


A foundation that lasts...

Weardale Practice's new-look branding and website set them apart from others in their field, providing their patients and users with a simple, but attractive and recognisable foundation to find out key health information and updates.