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20 Ways to Spend a Bank Holiday Weekend in Isolation

Ever been stuck wondering what to do for the upcoming bank holiday? I bet never-more-so than you are right now, pondering what to do indoors for this weekend!

However, there are some things you can do, some little, some big, some grand, some simple, and all of which you can do any day of the week if you've been furloughed or are working reduced hours and have more free time in the home than normal. 

Of course, we're all in the same boat and it's getting a little frustrating, but rather than waste your first bank holiday weekend of the year venting about COVID-19 and how it's limiting your life, think about the way it's creating opportunities to, somewhat ironically, bring you closer to loved ones in your home and even those further afield. 

Here's our collation of things to do this weekend and beyond whilst the UK remains advised to stay at home... 

1. Redecorate! Of course that means potentially waiting for deliveries to arrive safely into your home, or you could just freshen up with existing paint. If the living room is a little drab, why not give it a fresh coat of paint? 

2. Boost your outdoor living space. Let's face it we're all going to be utilising our gardens, courtyards, balconies... whatever outdoor space we have, for the foreseeable, so it makes sense to spend a little time on it. Freshen up your paintwork, potentially mow the lawn, plant some seeds or flowers, etc. 

3. Create a TikTok account. Bond with the children or grandchildren by being a little silly on the newest app of our times - TikTok!

4. Do a virtual pub quiz. There's umpteen virtual quizzes popping up online, with lots of lists being produced online - just do a Google or Facebook search! Try these recommendations from Money Saving Expert [external link].

5. Make Easter decorations (and chomp some Easter eggs!). Whether you're young or not-so-young, it's time to get crafty and if we're all stuck inside what's the harm in making some fun easter decorations - of course, made more exciting if you've got little ones at home with you eager to get creative!

6. Break out a 1,000+ piece puzzle! It's time to put your heads together as a family and tackle the ultimate challenge - a 1,000+ piece puzzle! Guaranteed to frustrate and usually end up back in the box before completion, the isolation gives you no excuse not to tackle this one until you've successfully placed the final piece!

7. Baking. Why not reminisce about childhood creations you helped your Mum with, or just get a simple recipe from a cooking book - or online - and bond with your other half or the whole family under your roof, as you tackle a marble cake, or banana bread, or... whatever you fancy!

8. Video gaming. Of course if you're already a gamer, whether that's PC, Xbox, Playstation or Nintendo Switch (amongst many others) then that's easy peasy! But if you're not a gamer, challenge yourself to a game of FIFA with the kids, it will entertain them for sure!

9. Get crafty. It doesn't just have to be Easter decorations, why not break out the old-fashioned colouring books and craft materials, and have a day of colouring in, or finger painting, or such like, with the family? 

10. Board games. Family classics such as Monopoly, Frustration, Cluedo and Hungry Hippos are long-standing successes for family get-togethers, so get them out of the cupboard and get the family together in the living room or garden for a day of games.

11. Create your own games. 'The floor is lava' is a long-standing childhood favourite of mine, and if you don't know how to play - the floor is "literally" made of lava, you cannot touch it, so use cushions, chairs, upside down buckets, etc., to get from one side of the room/house, to the other. Just bear in mind our NHS is extremely busy, so try not to bust any risky moves.

For a more sedate way to spend time with the family, try Hide & Seek, Pictionary, Charades, or Four Corners

11. Outdoor activities. If you're lucky to have some garden space, break out the chalk for hopscotch, and skipping ropes, and even the paddling pool (if we're really lucky weather-wise). There's so much you can do outside without having to go anywhere, even if it's just a kickabout with a football.

12. Explore new places. Virtual tours of Chester Zoo, Disney World, and so many other places are popping up online, so there's no reason you can't spend time seeing new sights, from the comfort of your home! Take a look at this selection. 

13. Read a book. How many of us say we wish we had the time to do some reading? Now is that time! The excuses will not work for us anymore, so dig out that book - or Kindle copy - and get reading! It doesn't matter whether it's work-related, a celeb's autobiography, or a childhood classic, it's reading and it works wonders for our minds and mental wellbeing! Why not spend quality time reading with the little ones?

14. Hinch your home! Yes, I'm a Mrs Hinch fan, I confess. But seriously, this is usually the time most of us consider a spring clean if we haven't already, so why not spend the week revitalising your home and getting it 'spick and span'? The more time we spend in our homes, the more time we need to spend looking after them. 

15. Reorganise your home. Have the kids started to outgrow their rooms? Would a new layout resolve it? Try 'redecorating' your living spaces simply by reorganising them, whether that's better utilising the space or clearing out cupboards and bookshelves for a fresh feel. 

16. Build a fort. Admittedly, more OK to do this if you have kids at home, but hey we've all got a child inside of us, so why not build a fort? If the kids are involved, you can make it magical with sweet treats and a DVD under the 'stars' (fairy lights).

17. Me time. If you're into candles, manicures and face masks, make some time to do that. If that's not your thing, why not use the time to put your earphones in and have a bit of 'me time' with music your other half doesn't like and just breathe? 

18. Marie Kondo your home. Reorganise your clothing drawers and throw away the things that don't 'spark joy' a la Marie Kondo. Similar to previous suggestions, but by Marie Kondo-ing your living space you're really making massive strides towards a serene home life and again, one of the jobs we'd like to do 'if we had the time' - we do now! 

19. Bring your cancelled holiday inside your home! There have been a few brilliant examples of this online, but just because your holiday has been cancelled, or is looking that way, doesn't mean you can't still enjoy the holiday feeling, and what better time to do it than a bank holiday? Break out the paddling pool, bubbly and BBQ and make a mini-holiday to remember!

20. Get everyone together - virtually! Break out Zoom/FaceTime/House Party/Skype, etc., and get all of your friends and family together for a 'night down the pub' with a difference. Catch up, enjoy a tipple, share gossip, and even play a few games - pub quiz or charades anyone?! 

Have you got an idea worth sharing? Share it with us on our social channels! Have a fantastic bank holiday weekend! 

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