5 Spooky Halloween Competition Ideas For Instagram

5 Spooky Halloween Competition Ideas For Instagram

Published: 09 Oct 2017 09:15 AM

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It’s time to concoct your magical marketing strategy for the Halloween season!

The big holidays of the year are soon approaching (is that sleigh bells, I hear?), so that means you need to get a head start on ideas for your company’s social media.

Halloween is a great time to get your customers to engage with your content, especially in the form of a competition.

1. Branded Hashtag

You can invite your audience to share whatever image you want to see, from their special FX makeup to pumpkin carvings. However, remember that it’s not effective to use a generic hashtag such as #halloweengiveaway. You will be unable to see who is entering.

Instead, try using a branded hashtag - this will allow you to keep an eye on entries and promote your business while doing so.

2. Product selfie

This type of competition is probably the most useful for a business.

Your product + happy customer = great content for your social media accounts!

Ask your audience to share their selfie with any of your products while tagging you in the process. Throw some spookiness into the mix by asking them to display your product while wearing their scariest costume. 

3. Like and/or comment

Everyone has seen this type of competition. All you need to do is ‘like the post to enter’. But why not stir things up by adding a question as well? Get your customers thinking - ask them to share their Halloween plans or their favourite scary movie. Make sure that they tag a friend too in order to make your post reach a wider audience.

4. Caption this

Upload a photo or video and make your audience come up with or finish the caption. The creepier their response, the better...!

5. Voting competition

Invite further engagement by getting your audience involved in picking a winner. Share the best pictures from your competition on your social media or website and get people to vote for their favourite. It’s a fang-tastic way to keep the momentum of a successful competition going!

Don’t know how to get started with your giveaway? Shortstack is a great resource that allows you to create attractive competitions with simple templates. It also explicitly asks for photo permissions from your audience; allowing you to use their photos in the future on your accounts!

It’s time to brew up some ideas - happy Halloween everyone!

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