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5 Viral Challenges That Dominated Social Media in 2018

From hilarious to dangerous, millions of social media users participate in viral challenges every year.

Whether you’ve took part in one of these popular trends or not, they’re very hard to miss. As one person creates a challenge (usually with a specific hashtag), others follow suit and soon there’s a new viral challenge that your friend, mum or even pet is trying.

In 2018, there were a number of challenges that dominated our feeds, encouraging us to show off our best dance moves and even trick our canine companions.

Here are some of the best viral challenges that caught our attention in 2018...

In My Feelings Challenge

 Did you have “Kiki, do you love me?” stuck in your head all summer long? Drake’s song became an overnight sensation as people danced along, and even threw themselves out of cars, all in the name of the #InMyFeelingsChallenge. Some famous faces took part too including Will Smith, Kevin Hart and DJ Khaled.

What The Fluff Challenge

Possibly the best challenge of them all. The ‘What The Fluff’ Challenge involves dog owners trying to confuse their pooches by lifting a blanket up and down in front of their faces before dropping it and disappearing around a corner, leaving the dog bewildered.

It takes a while for the dogs to process what has happened, however their reaction when they find their human again is priceless, and often calls for a big ‘awwwwww’.

Falling Stars Challenge

Social media influencers jumped (and fell) on The Falling Stars Challenge this year, particularly those in Russia and China.

All you need to do to take part is orchestrate a photo of yourself falling out of a luxury car/yacht/helicopter/etc with piles of money, designer clothes or any other wealthy possessions positioned around you.

Zoom Challenge

Another challenge based on a song is the Zoom Challenge. Mickey by Lil Yachty (we have no idea either) plays as people dance along to the hip-hop song before being dragged off camera by their legs.

This particular trend has sparked criticism as many children have bumped their heads while filming their videos. We’ll give this one a miss!

Neymar Challenge

The World Cup seems like it was a lifetime away but one moment that caught people’s attention was Brazilian player Neymar’s exaggerated reaction to tackles.

The world got on board to mimic the footballer, rolling around on the floor in supposed agony and so the Neymar Challenge was born.

Which is your favourite viral challenge of 2018? Let us know by tweeting @ThriveHQ.

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5 Viral Challenges That Dominated Social Media in 2018