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Top 5 Viral Challenges of 2019

Another year, another viral challenge for the world to jump on the back of and 2019 has seen its fair share of popular social media trends.

2018 had people dancing with the ‘In My Feelings Challenge’ and had our dogs confused with the ‘What The Fluff Challenge’, 2019 has brought even more innovative viral challenges for us to try out.

Here are some of the best (or worst) viral challenges that dominated our social media in 2019...

10 Year Challenge

The ‘10 Year Challenge’, or #HowHardDidAgingHitYou Challenge, requires participants to posts two different photos which were taken 10 years apart. The outcome is to demonstrate how much you’ve ‘glowed up’ or in Reese Witherspoons’ case, to show her lack of ageing. 

Vacuum Challenge

Probably the most dangerous challenge of 2019… the ‘Vacuum Challenge’. Adults have been ‘vacuum sealing’ their children, sitting them in a regular bin bag and using a hoover to suck the air out. 

While many participants found the experience hilarious, there were health warnings about strangulation. Even with all of the safety risks, the challenge spread and hit numerous news outlets including LadBible.

Bottle Cap Challenge

Consider yourself a grandmaster? Put your martial arts skills to the test with the ‘Bottle Cap Challenge’!

Popularised by big names like Jason Statham, Ryan Reynolds and Ellie Goulding, you need a bottle with its lid placed loosely on the top and then perform a ‘roundhouse’ kick to knock it off, all in slow motion to make it look extra impressive!

Tetris Challenge

When the Zurich police department posted an aerial shot of two police officers, a fire truck and all of the contents of their emergency vehicle, they didn’t realise the viral impact it would have.

From Hungary to New Zealand, firefighters and police were quick to replicate the image, dubbed the ‘Tetris Challenge’ due to the Lego-like layout. While the viral challenge was good fun, it also benefited emergency services as they saw a huge increase in followers, meaning a wider reach for future campaigns. 

Cheesed Challenge

Eating a cheese slice? That’s so 2018! This year, you take the cheese slice and fling it in a baby’s face and film their reaction. If you don’t have an unsuspecting child, you can try the ‘Cheesed Challenge’ on the family pet too.

This challenge has the ability to divide the nation with some dubbing the trend as cruel while others saw the funny side. Whatever side of the fence you were on, we think it’s time to put the cheese slices back in the fridge where they belong.

Which is your favourite viral challenge of 2019? Have we missed one? Let us know by tweeting @ThriveHQ.

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