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Content Marketing: How to Do Less and Get Better Results

Content marketing is an approach that is both time-intensive and resource-exhaustive - so let's make it easier...

We know just how frustrating it can be when you produce a "stellar" piece of content and get little in the way of reads, engagements and conversions - so frustrating!

Equally, there are those golden nuggets of content that take little time to produce and seem almost like "space fillers" but actually do wonders in terms of your audience's reaction!

We want to create more content that takes little effort, yet gets you noteworthy results - here's how...

1. Repurpose old stuff

Don't leave it to go stale - reinvent it, break it up, reformat it, update it - let it shine in other ways.

  • If you have an old series of blog posts, update the content and slim it down into one reworked post.
  • Amend that wordy ebook into a sleek '10 tips...' infographic or SlideShare!
  • Slice that webinar into handy blog posts, based predominantly on your transcript, for those who don't want to watch a 20-minute video (equally do the opposite - a video using your blog post)!

It's amazing how sometimes, the original content didn't do better but with fresh eyes or a new person's insight you can create an updated version - perhaps linked to the original - that performs much better. Equally, if you've updated your buyer personas, why not develop the content format - webinars might work better than blog posts for you now!

2. Tie your old content into an ebook

Look for patterns in your content and tie them all up neatly into an engaging, informative and relevant ebook.

By putting everything in one place and simply working on those bits of copy that introduces and closes each chapter cohesively, you could create a fantastic lead generation piece, with very little effort.

3. Produce a whitepaper or report

Using evidence, statistics, figures and quotes from elsewhere - all properly sourced and referenced, of course - you can create a super strong piece of content, which simply requires a good research session to put together!

If you're selling HR services, but struggling to find the time to put the content together, take key evidence from industry experts, professional bodies and even thought leaders, with your own spin on it, to make it your own.

Just don't forget to link to the original source with every piece of information you use!

Have you had surprising success from doing less with your marketing? Share your story with our team on LinkedIn!

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