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How to Revive Poor Performance Content Marketing Campaigns

As content creators we have to accept that not every post or tweet we create will succeed. It's the same with campaigns - as hard as it might be to face.

Don't see it as a failure though, see it as an opportunity to revisit your content strategy and learn from the results.

1. Review the 'shareability of your content

Review the 'shareability of your content

Look at your content's social sharing process and check that you are creating shareable content, with working social sharing links.

Some content will be automatically be more shareable than others. Typically this content is visual, so consider experimenting with your format choice and break text-heavy blog posts with visuals.

2. Analyse what your audience really wants - and when

Analyse what your audience really wants - and when

By analysing the metrics of your content you can start to see which content is best for your audience.

The best place to start is Facebook Insights which allows you to see a number of key metrics, including top performing social posts and which days and times your audience is most engaging with your content. 

3. Use Facebook Advertising

Use Facebook Advertising

By targeting your content based on specific indicators such as job role, interests and location, your content will be served to people who are most likely to engage.

4. Revisit and adapt original content

Revisit and adapt original content

Don't discard it or forget about it! Rework your content into another format, such as an infographic, video or ebook. 

Consider a follow up piece that is angled differently, perhaps more industry-based or, better yet, target your personas closely.

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