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What Is the Difference Between a Marketing Strategy and Marketing Plan?

Friday 6 April 2018

5 minute read

By Rachel Townsend Green

It’s fair to say that most businesses probably won’t have a marketing strategy – in the same way that few have an overall business plan – at least in a documented and formalised format.

As previously explained in our blog ‘Do You Need a Marketing Strategy or Marketing Plan?’ there is a distinct difference between a marketing strategy and a marketing plan: 

Marketing Strategy

“A plan of action designed to promote and sell a product or service.” (Source: Oxford Dictionary)

Marketing Plan

“A detailed proposal for doing or achieving something.” (Source: Oxford Dictionary)

So, briefly, what you want/need to achieve in order to meet the requirements of the business followed by the actual layout of activities and actions that will enable you to deliver.

Having clarified that, it follows that people then question whether they actually need a strategy?  We would say absolutely, positively that you do indeed!


Undoubtedly many of you reading this will not have a strategy and will see no need for one and will reason that you have managed thus far without one.  Okay, we accept that – but…

You are reading this blog for a reason – either you aren’t getting the results that you want for your business or you want to improve the results that you are getting. Alternatively, you are setting out on the road of business start-up and want to put the correct foundations in place…

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