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"Pick 'n' Mix Marketing" Must Be Done Effectively: Don't Just "Pick" One and Expect Miracles

Friday 12 September 2014

9 minute read

By Sarah Burns

Our ethos has always been - and more so today - that a company must pick the marketing methods which suit their audience and purpose. However, you must be careful how do you do that.

"Pick 'n' Mix Marketing" risks companies thinking that picking one element and throwing everything at it, is going to work miracles.

It isn't.

It's pretty much a fact of life.

What is going to work though, is a solid strategy, in which you pick the two or three absolutely best choices for your marketing company and its audience. 

We would never ever advise a company to pick only Social Media Marketing, for example. Just like we would never really advise a company to have a logo alone redesigned - unless there were valid reasons for doing so.

As clients of ours know we have so much experience in the marketing and design sectors that we've seen the errors that doing this can produce.

Don't just choose Social Media Marketing when you can optimise Keyword Marketing tactics as well!

It's just as your wise Mum or Granny would say, "Never put all of your eggs in one basket."

A "this or that" approach is always going to cause weaknesses in your content marketing production line and ultimately, confuse customers. Keep in mind that a holistic approach works best and although you don't need to do everything, you should assume that utilising many marketing disciplines is a stronger tactic. 

Choosing only the best

This is where our strategic offerings come in, for us it's about a company being able to define themselves and their targets for the year and beyond. 

We will centralise your focus so that you can be sure that which ever marketing disciplines you choose to employ they are right for you and complement each other.

Your Marketing Plan is a surefire way of combining all of these methods and over a pre-determined period we will narrow down your marketing efforts, leaving only the strongest methods in place.

Often, a marketing plan will naturally highlight where your current focus and spend is and how they can both be better aligned for marketing success.

Cross-channel marketing isn't what it used to be. Inbound marketing operates through multiple channels, but integrates each method, to ensure fluidity and a concise messaging is sent out across them all. 

A cohesive strategy is central to the success of all of these methods.

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