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Get Your Social Media Ready for Christmas in 6 Steps

The holidays are coming, meaning now is the perfect time to map out your social media content for the festive period!

November and December is possibly the busiest time for all retailers as customers flood to the shops to buy presents for Christmas. However, with the rise of online shopping it has never been more important to glitz up your social media content.

Online sales was £21.0 bn over Christmas 2016, making up 27% of all retail sales. [Source]

So how do you utilise your social media to attract more customers during this hectic season?

Be well prepared

You should ideally be planning your Christmas campaigns three months before December. In order to stay ahead of your competitors’, you must have well thought out promotions so as to attract your target audience.

Reflect on your past campaigns

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to your social media. If your audience responded well to something you posted last year, slightly tweak it and reuse it again. Work out what your audience respond positively to and use this information to your advantage.

Consider influencer marketing

This type of marketing can help make your content be heard above the noise. You can also reach a larger audience who may resemble your ideal buyer persona, since you can choose who your influencer is.

Throw exciting competitions

Christmas is the time of giving, so you must give to get more back. Running a giveaway is a great way to capture people’s attention who are on the lookout for a product or service like yours.

See what your competitors are doing

Do some digging and see what similar companies have done well in the past. Use their campaigns as inspiration for your own content - just make it even better!

Focus your time on platforms that work for you

For example, if you have a more active audience on Facebook compared to Twitter, then focus on the former. Don’t waste your precious time on something that won’t generate sales and ultimately benefit you in the long run.

Get your thinking cap on and brainstorm some amazing festive content for your social media!

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