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How Can I Produce Inbound Content for My Organisation?

Fancy implementing inbound marketing in your organisation but need some creative ideas to go about it?

Look no further!

If you’ve heard of inbound marketing and perhaps read about its methodology on our website and want to implement it, then here are a few ideas.

Inbound marketing is a methodology that is built upon your approach to marketing as a whole, it is not about specifics as such.

The specifics, however, should wholly fit with the concept of inbound marketing.


Your blogs should be unique, relevant and answer the pain points of your customer/visitor. Make sure that you focus on content that is of use and that is ranked following the guidelines for 'white hat SEO' techniques. 

Social Media

Be friendly and engaging - your social media post is just that, 'social'. Don't clog it up with sales messaging and the alike, be more wholesome with your content. In 2016 there is a huge shift to 'quality' rather than 'quantity', across all of the platforms. 

Email Campaigns

Use email databases in an honest way - if someone unsubscribes make sure to not contact them again - it will do you much more harm than good to ignore this rule. Try to be personalised with your emails, whether that's including a 'First Name' tag, or additional personalisation tokens, or simply amending your campaign copy to suit the database it's going to. 

Find out about our inbound marketing process, HubSpot retainer packages and the Thriveability Plan. 

Our ebook outlines the impact of a Thriveability Plan for your small business' digital marketing strategy.

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