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Improve Your Ebooks With These Tools

If you're getting started or well underway with your ebook creation activities, these tools will help.

An ebook takes a lot of work and commitment to complete - from idea, to draft and design.

There are many stages to go through when producing an ebook, so to help you we've compiled a number of our preferred tools.

Hemingway Editor

The Hemingway Editor is a must-have resource for writers of all abilities. The free version allows you to paste in - or type from scratch - your content and review any grammatical errors. It even gives you a 'readability' level - perfect to ensure your content is easy and full of clarity.

When it comes to using the tool for ebook content creation you are better doing it chunk by chunk, before formatting for design - as you will lose all of your design efforts.

For those that ♥ the tool there is a Desktop version (costs $19.99).



Free stock photography resources

Photography and visuals can make - or break - an ebook. 

You should include plenty of visual elements that keep the reader engaged, but be wary of how your design will impact their costs should they wish to print your ebook.

Amazing stock photography websites can be found via our two dedicated blogs:





A crucial element of creating ebooks is truly understanding the purpose of an ebook and how it can generate and convert leads.

To do this successfully you really need to engage with the inbound methodology as used by HubSpot. HubSpot software allows you to create an engaging and relevant conversion process to help you generate new leads and move them through the funnel.

As a HubSpot Partner Agency, we can help you with this using our Thriveability Plan - a 12 month content strategy personalised to your audience's needs and requirements.

Why not find out more about inbound marketing and our lead generation process designed to help organisations like yours? 

The ultimate guide to writing an ebook

The best resource to understand the importance of writing a good ebook and all of the work required is our How to Write an Ebook guide.

This ebook (about ebooks) covers:

  • Organising the Team
  • Picking a Topic
  • Research, Writing and Design
  • Promoting Your Ebook
  • Tracking Your Ebook 

Find out more about the guide and how it can help you here.

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Discover writing, design and automation tips with our lead generation-focused guide.

Your Free Ebook Creation Guide

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