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How Our Small Team Can Be an Advantage to Your Development Projects

Working as a developer in a small environment, surrounded by colleagues, who provide vital elements to any development project such as design and content, is a major advantage for us and our clients.

By working in a combined office space, we can communicate between departments much quicker and more efficient. This method of communication, instead of constantly emailing, allows us to ask questions and get an instant response, taking away the risk of emails being forgotten about or ignored.

Of course, where we advantage, so do our clients. By getting faster responses from colleagues and saving time, we then have extra time to focus on more projects day-by-day, allowing us to work on more projects and amends etc., to help more clients, rather than focusing on one at a time.

This isn’t the only advantage to our clients, by saving time we are ultimately saving them money, as the less time spent working on a job the less it will cost.

As a department we are able to run much smoother by being able to rely on the other departments within the office to assist us quickly if needed, some examples of this is asking our ‘word gurus’ to proofread any content we are unsure of, or asking a designer to make a quick amend for us.

This way of working helps speed the process up by having simple 1-1 (or in our case 1-7) communication, allowing the issue to be resolved much quicker than discovering an issue and then emailing the appropriate colleague and waiting on a reply that could be forgotten about and left for days or even weeks!

With most projects, we’re all able to be able to be involved from start to finish. Designers and developers are able to work together to discuss the initial project brief, timescale and features to then scale out a wire-frame plan of what’s needed. Developers and designers working closely is a huge advantage as the transition from design to development then becomes much more efficient and benefits all involved.

How Our Small Team Can Be an Advantage to Your Development Projects

Our small team setup also benefits our clients as we are able to provide a company-wide focus on their project rather than as individual departments. Some companies will work their way through projects one section at a time with brief instructions and interactions between stages. Although we do work through projects as departments we are able to go back to the other departments easily if needed as we are all in the same office, instead of in different rooms or buildings.

Thrive was once within an office space that split the team across six rooms. Even though the rooms were close to each other, looking back, the communication was negatively impacted and caused time delays. Since moving into our new office in 2016 we have become much more productive as a team, we have got to know each other more and learnt each other’s strengths and weaknesses. This new knowledge allows us to assign jobs to the most suitable person/department and in some cases have projects completed by a hybrid of departments, whereas in the past this would not have been feasible.

As always there are disadvantages to sharing an office space, for instance, it’s no longer a secret when I eat the last biscuit or start singing along to one of my guilty pleasures!

You’ll be surprised how beneficial working with our small, compact and personal team could be to your business!

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