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How To Re-Gift Those Presents That You Don’t Need (Or Want)

Monday 5 December 2016

4 minute read

By Rachael Farley

Have you perfected that happy-surprised face when opening your Christmas presents?

Sometimes your family or friends just get it horribly wrong and pick out something that unfortunately ends up at the bottom of the pile. But don't throw it into the darkest corner of your room to be forgotten - why not re-gift them? 

Re-gifting basically means giving something that you received yourself to someone else as a present. Give your unwanted items the chance of a loving home! Although, there are some essential things to remember before grabbing the wrapping paper...

Never give a present back to the same person

Also, ensure that you don't risk the chance of someone seeing you re-gifting. For example, you probably shouldn't give a jumper to a friend if the person who originally gave it to you is in that friendship group.

Make sure it's unused

A half empty bottle of perfume that you decided you didn't like or a CD that's obviously been opened are not good options.  

Don't re-gift thoughtful gifts

This can apply to handmade presents as well as that one that grandma spent ages picking out  - how could you even consider giving that away? It can be extremely hurtful to the gift giver if they find out you no longer have what they gave you, and even worse if they find out you re-gifted it! 

Avoid slip-ups by wrapping the present from scratch

It happens. You give your auntie a present that has a message saying "Merry Christmas! Love from dad x". Prevent a mistake like this by checking for name labels or inscriptions beforehand.

If in doubt with re-gifting, there is another option that you could choose - give it to charity. There any many deserving causes that would happily take an unwanted gift off your hands. You can get rid of a present with the thought that someone somewhere will benefit or take enjoyment from your donation.

This Christmas, don't feel guilty for re-gifting. Just remember to follow the tips above to avoid any embarrassing situations. 

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