How to Scale Your Efforts for Marketing Growth

How to Scale Your Efforts for Marketing Growth

Published: 08 May 2017 08:20 AM

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Topics: Marketing Strategy

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Every business dreams of being able to build a company that is almost self-sufficient, that requires less of your time and is nicely ticking along and making a profit, whilst keeping your team happy.

It's not much to ask, is it?

OK, it is, and there's a lot of work to do before you get to that stage, but the key to this dream is creating a scalable business strategy. This includes marketing - ultimately by improving your marketing results, you're increasing your chances of sales success = making those life goals happen - 'ta da'!

Blog done, right?

Perhaps not. We're here to open your eyes to the ways in which you can realistically achieve your growth goals using a scalable strategy.

Questions to Ask That Will Allow You to Achieve Scalable Growth

Have you set quantifiable goals for the next period?

Measurable SMART goals are crucial to your marketing growth, and it's highly recommended that you have smaller goals to enable progress.

Do you actually have enough leads to produce your desired sales?

You firstly need to know how much traffic, leads and sales you have over the course of your chosen time period - twelve months, for instance - so you can work out what is realistic for scalable growth.

It's that old chestnut, 'Set the bar too high and you set yourself up to fail'.

Do those leads actually convert into sales?

Work out where the issue in your funnel is - do you have enough traffic and leads? Check! Are they converting enough? There is an issue in your conversion process - perhaps the content isn't best suited to your audience, or you website functionality is turning people away.

The Secret to Scalable Growth

Align sales and marketing

Your two teams should have intertwined goals and should regularly 'take five' to catch up and explore what both teams are doing and how they can work together to achieve goals more seamlessly.

There is lots of reading out there about aligning your sales and marketing teams, and their goals, and we highly recommend you start researching!

Create a content marketing hive

Your marketing hive is where your marketers work to build a host of content - relevant to your buyer personas and that guides them through the buyers funnel. We make this sound easy, but it's no simple task and its success rate relies heavily on you following the next point...

Use a long term, strategic blueprint

You need a journey to follow that hits all of those key targets and allows for realistic growth - you can steer towards this by plotting mini-goals.

This is the basis of the Thriveability Plan, a new device set up by Thrive that allows you to ensure your company follows a twelve-month route to marketing success.

What next?

Find out more about the Thriveability Plan - it is the perfect remedy for a business that is struggling to scale their marketing growth.

We use the Thriveability Plan for customers to outline all of their marketing activities for the following twelve months, we can then work with you to implement all of the work involved to hit your SMART goals.