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Introducing Reminder Advertising and How it Boosts Traffic & Sales

Friday 19 February 2021

3 minute read

By Sarah Burns

Reminder advertising is a powerful marketing tactic to keep you in the mind of your potential customers.

It utilises the power of remarketing to keep your customers reminded that you’re ‘still around’ should (or when) they need you, and your services.

Reminder advertising: The process of creating ads that are meant to remind your audience that your product or service is available. This is different from other forms of advertising because you won't try to inform or persuade your audience. [Source: HubSpot]

It is particularly powerful for those customers still in the ‘Consideration’ stage of the buyer’s journey. These customers are still reviewing options, and likely researching alternative solutions and the offerings of your competitors, so it is crucial that you remain ‘visible’. 

Another option for utilising the power of reminder advertising is to advertise products to those that already have bought from you - reminding them to come back for more of the great things they got from you the first time around.

Crucially, reminder advertising isn’t about introducing new products, it’s about targeting the customers that are already ‘sold’ or someway to being sold on your company, that you’re still ‘there’. They’re already aware of your brand, and solutions, but just need to be ‘reminded’ to come back and finish their, or make an additional, purchase.

These adverts themselves shouldn’t be text-heavy, or sales-heavy, just powerful reminders of the company and key messaging they are already being sold on - i.e. brand visuals, your strapline, or a testimonial, should be enough.

Examples of reminder advertising tactics

  • Retargeting
  • Abandoned cart emails
  • Email newsletters
  • Display ads
  • Promoted content

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