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Marketing Tools for Organisational Obsessives

Monday 17 April 2017

4 minute read

By Sarah Burns

If that pencil doesn't line up with the length of your mouse mat then it's a bad omen for the day, right?

Yes we have people like that in our team at Thrive, too!

If things aren't so bad, but you still require routine and structure in your everyday life - including work - there ain't nothing wrong with that! - then you need this list.

We've compiled our favourite tools and software for ensuring that every single one of you that gets borderline obsessive over organisation and structure can enjoy.


£: Free (with premium, paid features as extra)

@: https://trello.com/ 

We've talked about Trello a lot over the years. Why? We absolutely love it! It's perfect for task allocation for your team - however far-reaching that may be, but also for ensuring customer satisfaction - no stone is left unturned if it's placed on a Trello 'card'.

Our guide to Trello should give you the complete lowdown on this amazing tool.


£: Free

@: http://getpocket.com

This handy tool is perfect for those that love to read or need to research as part of their role, but sometimes there just isn't the time to delve into that wordy piece. Pocket essentially 'bookmarks' that article in your internet browser for a later time that suits you. It allows you to never miss another piece of news or analysis, whilst allowing you to continue with the task at hand.


£: Free

@: http://pinterest.com/

If you're creative or visually-minded like our designers, Pinterest will work a charm for you. You can organise your thoughts into separate boards all of which are made up of images. Whether you're redesigning your office or coming up with a new social media campaign or a rebrand - Pinterest will help you collate all of those visuals to form a full-scale image.

Google Drive

£: Free

@: https://www.google.com/drive/ 

Google Drive is an insanely handy tool - it's a cloud based storage system that allows you to edit Google Docs (essentially their version of Microsoft Word), Google Sheets (aka Microsoft Excel) and Google Slides (aka Microsoft PowerPoint). You can edit on the go, as long as you have internet connection and share your files with anybody - ensuring versatility and a collaborative working space.

If you're looking to embark on a website build project, whether it's completely from scratch or a site refresh, our ebook will give you the knowledge to make your project as stress-free as possible.

The Website Design Handbook for Businesses

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