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Introducing Thrive's Updated Website and New Features

Monday 13 June 2016

5 minute read

By Thrive HQ

We've had a makeover and things at Thrive are looking a lot different! 

Following a strategic scoping session in 2015 we've been working hard to bring you an up-to-date and interactive website.

This is the result of our work! 

It's been a long process, but your work has to come first, and eventually we're at the finish line with our own new-look website. 

From the homepage and right the way through our website you should be able to see lots of changes, including our personalisation tokens on the homepage - download an ebook and see what happens!

Why the new look?

Our original website was a labour of love in 2013/2014 and was a result of our design and web team introducing our new identity - previous to that we were two separate companies. 

Although that website worked well and did what we required, it didn't focus on our inbound marketing knowledge and status as a HubSpot Partner Agency. 

We recognised that it was time to amend this and really incorporate our core values into the very structure of our website - hence the rebuild, led by our inbound marketing team. 

Johnny Woods, Director, said: "It's been a great process to look back at Thrive and how our company has developed over the last two years and put all of those changes and new beliefs into the practice of our updated website.

"The web and content teams have done an amazing jobs of pulling together our strategic goals and web design ideas to form a website that's both fit for purpose and fit for our long-term goals too."

What should I do on the website?

The most amazing aspect of the website, we think, is our homepage.

If you scroll through the three 'marketing challenge' options, as we call them, you can pick which statement suits you and see a bespoke homepage filled with related content.

Additionally, download an ebook and our homepage will say "Hello, Hannah" or "Hello, George" - it's amazing!

How does your website work?

Our website is built on the HubSpot CMS platform, as we are a HubSpot Partner Agency.

HubSpot founded the very term 'inbound marketing' and is the original provider of services that make your marketing wholesome and effective - although many other companies have followed suit with this term.

We use HubSpot's inbound marketing methodology to move strangers to our company through the 'buyer's journey' to become inbound customers. HubSpot's service offering includes using the basic features - email, blog, data capture - right through to doing what we've done and rebuilding your website 100% the HubSpot way!

Our team is well-rehearsed in HubSpot platform management, inbound marketing, automation best practices and support and we're happy to chat to those of you that might be interested in learning more.

For now though, we're in the process of continuing to update our website, blog, email campaigns and social media pages, in the hope of showing you how a fully automated inbound marketing process should - and can - work.

Find out about our inbound marketing process, HubSpot retainer packages and the Thriveability Plan.

If you're looking to embark on a website build project, whether it's completely from scratch or a site refresh, our ebook will give you the knowledge to make your project as stress-free as possible.

The Website Design Handbook for Businesses

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