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The Best Of: SEO vs. PPC [Infographic]

North East SMEs need to get the most from their digital marketing budget, which is why it's important to understand SEO vs PPC - how they work and how they differ.

This excellent infographic from ThinkProfits.com provides a clear explanation of both SEO and PPC, as well as the pros and cons of each to help you decide which one is most important for you to work on.

When you're considering your budget constraints, decide which one will get you the maximum return on investment, to focus your efforts initially. Once you start to see results you can amend to potentially introduce the other element.

According to ThinkProfits.com, SEO is:

"The process of optimising your website so that it can be found in the organic search results of search engines such as Google."

ThinkProfits.com defines PPC as: 

"A form of online advertising where you buy advertising space for specific keywords on search results pages, and then 'pay per click' on your ad."

If you're looking to devise a digital marketing spend for SEO or PPC, consider the infographic below and get in touch with our Director, Johnny Woods, about our PPC packages which may allow your business to best-improve your local search efforts.


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The Best Of: SEO vs. PPC [Infographic]